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  • Behave respectfully & properly while in borrowed attire.

  • Take better care of items than you do your own things. 

  • Use "Yes, please & No, thank you."

  • Do not make fun of dresses, suits, ties, or accessories. All items are beautiful in their own way. (Just like us)

  • Formal attire must fit appropriately, and be covered age-appropriate. 

  • Always be kind to other students. Always.

  • Submit a picture to Chelsea's Closet! 

  • Lending out attire to someone else is not acceptable. 

  • Lost and/or damaged items can result in not being able to use the program in the future. 

  • It is your responsibility to put dresses back on the rack.

  • All items borrowed must be returned the day after your dance.

  • Sunday noon - 5:00 is return day, no appointment is necessary. 

  • Late returns result in you taking away the opportunity for other students to borrow items. The opportunity is given to you. This can result in not being able to borrow in the future and possible late fees. 

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